Great Great Bentley result

I finished today in 2:11:37;  that’s about 6 minutes faster than in 2008. I had a great race. I surprised myself by running 10 of the 13 miles in under 10 minutes (first five at 9:42). It was a cold and overcast day, with intermittent drizzle, but there was no cold and biting wind this time.

I felt very much the benefit of experience – in what I was wearing, in what I ate and generally how to tackle the event. I think the most telling thing was feeling that the mile markers were in about the right place – in previous races it’s taken an inordinate length of time to cover a mile. Today, without checking the time, I found myself thinking ‘next mile marker will be just round this corner’ and lo! there it would be.

The field was larger – 826 finishers – so my slower running wasn’t quite so far at the back as I had feared. I was 751st. So I also met two other goals: No being overtaken by walkers, and placing higher than 27th from last…

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