Great Bentley Half – two years on

February 7 is this year’s Great Bentley Half Marathon, which I attempted two years ago. Since then I have run more and run further, and entered a few more races. I have built on the lessons I learned in that first half marathon, including the need to eat more than I think I do and to not let nervousness overtake me. And, that it is better to finish nearly last than it is to not start at all.

I’m looking forward to running tomorrow. I’m really keen to find out how different it feels now that 13.2 miles is less of a daunting prospect. In 2008, my longest run was 10 miles and I had only completed that once. Now I run six without really thinking about it, and ten just needs a little more planning.

I’m never going to be a fast runner – if I manage 10min miles tomorrow I will be pleased. But I don’t think that matters when the only person I am racing is me.

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