Running in New Orleans

So, this is the state that I was after a 25 minute run last Thursday morning at the end of the SLA Conference. Admittedly there had been beer and a hurricane the night before, and only about 5 hours’ sleep, but even so the running was tough going!

Having lugged my kit across the Atlantic I was determined to get out for at least a short run. I had hoped to fit it in earlier in the week but didn’t quite manage it. I think this was probably a good thing, it took me until Wednesday to acclimatise so that I could move at something approximating my normal walking pace. Running any earlier and possibly trying to keep up with other people would have been just too hard. (There had been a bit of pre-conference tweeting about setting up some group runs).

Running in such high humidity was a bit like running in a warm wet blanket. My hands were damp almost immediately and my hair also, although, do note that the stupid sticky-out bit I had hoped would droop was still sticking out…

At home I operate on a ‘look twice, cross once’ rule for crossing roads/ roundabouts. On a grid system, where even after four days I am not entirely convinced I know which way the cars are coming from, meeting traffic is a rather different experience. Not helped by the fact that I routinely looked at the passenger side of a car instead of at the driver.

However, it was fun, and I was energised by the exercise. The weirdest bit that I had not been prepared for was that at the end, when I stopped, I did not cool down – I just got hotter and hotter. I had not wanted to go straight from run to the air conditioned hotel lobby without getting somewhere near to my normal temperature but I had to give in and risk the temperature change. A large drink of water and a little while later and I was all set for my breakfast of beignets and iced coffee…

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