Greenbelt 2014

It’s next week! This time next week I will be packing… and will have finished work as a librarian. Eek! and possibly eek! again. 

I’m speaking again – part of a panel session with friends, talking about transition. The title is Moving swiftly on? Handling the baggage of transition and we’re on at 7.30pm on Sunday, in the Living Room. Nope, I’ve no idea where that is, either, but then not many people do at the moment. It’s odd thinking about Greenbelt and half imagining places and then remembering that those places aren’t there any more. If the conference call we had this week to plan the session is anything to go by, it will be silly, profound and useful in equal measure. 

Panel members are Claire, Kathryn, and Emma. The idea came out of a conversation in the pub (as all good ideas do) about the nature of ministry and how one is temporary (backed up by the 18th camel idea). As I’m about to start training, Emma is settling into curacy; Claire has moved from curate to incumbent, and Kathryn’s gone from parish to Cathedral ministry. We are all part of the chain, moving along, letting go, picking up new things, wanting curtains that fit. 

So. Will I see you in the Jesus Arms? 


  1. *wails* Why did I agree to go and cook for Brownie Pack Holiday and have a proper long retreat rather than think about venturing to Greenbelt this year?! Hope it goes really well.

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