Last things: Last ParkRun

I love, love, love ParkRun. Free, timed, 5k runs happen all over the country every Saturday morning. There are all sorts of runners – all ages and abilities and experience levels. Colchester Castle ParkRun has been a highlight and a priority in my week since it started last Spring.

I won’t say I have loved every single run – my first ever DNF was a ParkRun when I just ran out of energy; and the hills have seemed ridiculously tough at times. I’m starting to think more and more that my PB of 29:14 was measurement error when I’m struggling now to finish under 31minutes (I know… I remember when 28 minutes was my normal 5k time… age, cake, beer and laziness taking their toll there).

However, it’s a fantastic thing for our town. Go and join it. It’s great. I’ve now done the last one before I move. Another little milestone reached.


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