Edge of the woods #2

Over there on the PhD blog I’ve just celebrated being very close to the end of my PhD project.

It’s an odd feeling, being near the end of something that has absorbed my time for so long.

I began this in December 2007. That’s about 18 months after I moved to Colchester. In the first year I was here, I had two jobs – Monday-Friday in a City law firm, Saturdays in a City law school library. Then there was a 6 month gap, where I was Like Normal People, and had just the one job. After that, the PhD started. So very little of my time in this town has been ‘free time.’ There has always been something else to do, looking for my attention, making me feel guilty for ignoring it.

@Pamjweb commented that she’s never known me not doing PhD. And actually, do you know, most of the church people I know have only ever known me as Sara, with a side order of PhD angst. There are very few people I know in the Christian world that don’t know me as the person either (a) shamelessly promoting the fact I know about websites and social media or (b) making excuses for not committing to activities because of working on the PhD. Soon, I am going to have to work out what normal people do at the weekend.

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