Colchester Half Marathon

A slightly overdue race report. Well, I say ‘race,’ more like a long slow run. I was nearly 10 min slower than my HM PB. At the time of writing I’m still waiting on the chip time, but my watch said 2:13:46. Runkeeper gives it as 2:17 but that’s because I forgot to switch it off. A good breakdown of the pace, though – as usual tailing off towards the second half.

Race was good, well-organised and sufficiently big to allow me to be not last. This was a very very local race – practically past my front door. So I knew what the first hill (North Hill) would be like, and I was prepared for the long drag up Ipswich Road which caught a few people out. We crossed the A12 and ran through Langham and Boxted – two miles of Boxted Straight Road is enough for me to agree that yes, it is a very straight road.

I was quite bored of my own company at that poing (12th & 13th miles) so I was mentally going through every part of my body and thanking God for it. When I got to thanking Him for the people who trained the opticians who fitted my contact lenses and corrected my sight, and the rods and cones in my eyes, I knew it was time to think about something else.

The lovely Paul and Pam Webster, who had dropped me off at the start of the run, popped up at 9 miles to give me a shout, which was lovely – and then appeared again at 11 miles which was marvellous. Unexpected actual personalised cheering, amazing – 13 miles can be dull and boring with no supporters. Dad was at the finish in his usual easy-to-spot red cap; and the family met me at the end before a large glass of wine.

Two weeks ago I came down with a cold that really knocked me for six, so I was worried about even being able to take part. Until a few days ago I was expecting to be running the Great Bentley half on 25 March, and I had planned on Colchester being a warm up for a main effort performance. Unfortunately I hadn’t spotted that the GB race had been moved to 18 March – so no second spring race. All things considered, then, 2:13 isn’t horrendous – I finished, nothing new hurt, and I had fun. However, see next post for some other fallout from the run…

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