Lent Challenge – story so far

If my effort was as good as my excuses, I’d be on a winner.

Sadly, this has been a week of mostly failing. I have just (Friday lunchtime) spent £1.15 on crisps and peanut M&Ms which have no place in a Lent reduced food week. Since Sunday I’ve bought brocolli, potato, carrots, milk, bread, rice, bread rolls, quorn, rich tea biscuits and orange juice – suspect that is probably under on budget, but I don’t have individual costs for the first three.

From my cupboard I’ve used flour, butter, rhubarb, frozen fish pie & lasagne, meatballs, curry sauce, soup, sparking water, tea, porridge, sugar, custard powder, cocoa, eggs, onion and chocolate. Suspect that lot takes me well over budget, particularly when you add in the lunch that I was bought on Monday.

As I’m using things up and the gaps in the cupboard and the fridge get larger, though, it’s giving me food for thought (pun intended) – this week has been fine because there have been nice things left, still. Rhubarb for a crumble yesterday was a real treat when I felt lousy, but is not replaceable on budget, neither is the chocolate. Meals will be plainer and plainer as Lent progresses, but that’s the point of the exercise. I’ve not yet repeated the shop-with-only-£10 from last year; think that will be Monday’s task.

I do now have three windowsills stocked with seedlings – lettuce and pea shoots are doing well so far. I expect to have edible things around the middle of next week, so one or two meals will be livened up with green leaves of various kinds.

I’d award myself 3/10 for this week.


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