Religion explained via the Apple store

On Friday I accidentally went for a drink after work and got chatting to a friend of a friend who was an avowed atheist. I shared with him the following thoughts and as he thought it was funny I thought it might be worth repeating here.

I once had to go to the Apple store on Regent Street after I gave my iPhone a fatal bath. It was full of oddly-dressed people, gathered round gadgets, talking excitedly whilst waiting to be seen by enthusiastic uniformed Apple experts. People queued up or sat down or milled about according to cues I didn’t understand, raving over technology that I was unfamiliar with and in a themed and logo-ed enviroment. I felt like a complete oddity -who are all these people? Why are they dressed so strangely? (OK, I guess I am just used to living in corporate suit world). What is it that they see about this place that I don’t get? What is it about Steve Jobs?

I have a cousin who is also explicitly atheist and a big fan of Apple products. I wonder if he feels in church how I do in the store.

Who are all these people? What is they see that I don’t? Why are they dressed so strangely?  Why am I an outsider and how would you convince me to join in?

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