Imminent half marathon

It’s the first week of February and that means that on Sunday it’s Great Bentley half marathon. I’ve been having really mixed feelings about the race this afternoon. See previous reports from 2008 and 2010… I half gave myself permission to not run earlier on today and it’s been interesting hearing my own mental debate.

On the one hand, the quitter is saying:

  • Better to not start than to post your first DNF
  • That ache/ twinge might turn into an injury
  • It’s going to be windy and really hard work, so you’ll be really slow like 2008
  • You’ve hardly trained, look, even your kit’s not ready
  • It’d make your Sunday of church-run-lunch-London-Loughborough much easier

On the other hand, the runner in me is countering with:

  • You can run 10 miles easy enough, a half is just that with a quick 5k tacked on
  • Remember the buzz and excitement of the race – that’ll be such an incentive
  • Yes, it’ll be windy, but not cold, and everyone else will have the same weather
  • You’ve learned how to race since 2008so you won’t make the same mistakes
  • It’s no disgrace to not finish

The runner is winning, particularly after a trip to the supermarket listening to my favourite running playlist. “Go!” by Moby is one of the best tracks to run to I have; brilliant for mixed-pace work (all those instrument changes and someone shouting go! in your ear). So I have bananas and hot cross buns (since one can’t buy now plain currant buns) and I’m about to wash my kit and take some of the mud off …

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