It’s a pilgrimage, not a holiday: part 1


It probably didn’t escape your notice that I was incredibly fortunate to be part of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in June. Here we are, though, halfway through July and not a word have I written on it. There are a couple of reasons, only one of which is laziness. Time, therefore, for a couple of brief posts with some of my thoughts & impressions and to record the highlights. Possibly not a good idea to hold your breath for the next post.

Several people gave me the same advice before I left, which was to not even try to take everything in or record everything I saw, thought, felt or did. It would be too overwhelming. They were spot on. I took a keen interest in some parts, and at other times just let things wash over me. In some places I was in the thick of the tour group listening intently, in other places I lurked on the edge. Hence those times that have stuck in my memory are not exactly a random assortment, but they’re definitely different from everyone else’s. And they cover the comic, the spiritual, the frustrating, the noisy, the calm, the challenging, the laughter-filled and the tear-filled times. (Those categories are not mutually exclusive…)

I’ve voice memo notes about the trip – it’s very odd sitting on a bench in a busy central London square listening to myself from a month ago telling me what I have already forgotten – and it’s time to turn some of those notes into words. At least some of the notes cover:

Mensa Christi
River Jordan
Holy Sepulchre
Sea of Galilee
Running & swimming
Excited priests
St Peter Gallicantu
Via Dolorosa

For now, though, since this is merely an introductory post, I’ll leave you with a link to the audioboos I recorded.

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