My morning as a domestique

I ran my 6th half marathon on Sunday, the inaugural Pleshey Half from the Springfield Striders. With one eye on the Royal Parks HM on 7th October this outing had two purposes. It served as a last long run before the 7th, but more importantly I ran this to accompany Viv, who was completing the race as part of her training for the 2013 London Marathon.

It was a small race, with about 400 entries – most of whom were club runners. Which means, most of them were fast. Seriously fast. I’ve still not broken 2hr for a half, probably never will, but even if I had I’d still have been 270th out of 332 finishers. Instead I was 331st, and we’d been last for quite a few of the early miles, exchanging remarks with the chap on the safety sweep bike. Our plan was 11:15ish minute miles, and we sort of managed those – biggest challenge was to keep calm and stick to the plan at the very start when the entire field of runners overtook us.

Split times are below – more consistent than I manage on my own! Final time was 2:29:36, squeaking in under the 2:30 target. The last hour was pretty grim as it was raining and the wind was whipping across the fields – my fingers were cold enough for me to wish I had stashed a pair of gloves about my person. But, a good long slow run. And I served the purpose of pacing someone else – which I am informed in cycling circles would put me in the role of domestique.

1 10:51
2 10:36
3 10:50
4 11:10
5 11:06
6 11:19
7 11:07
8 11:22
9 11:02
10 11:35
11 12:07
12 12:00
13 12:07

One comment

  1. I could have run with you with those splits! (I’m at 7 miles at the moment, so a bit behind in terms of distance). When I ran my marathon last year, I was last for the first seven miles so I can understand the keeping calm bit to start with!

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