Glumness and surgical tape

Disaster has struck. Not a sufficient trauma to see me pulling out of the race on Sunday before it’s even started, but an extra cause for concern I could really have done without this week.


I had no running planned this week, but as Sunday was a beautifully sunny day, I thought I’d walk the 7 miles from Colchester to Alresford. Mostly the walk takes me along the river, and it’s a popular footpath. I have well-broken in walking boots and decent socks. I set a cracking pace and enjoyed the fast walk in the open air.


However, for some evil reason of their own the boots rubbed both my feet. I finished with a blister on the sole of my left foot. which has almost gone. More worryingly, and so annoyingly I could almost weep, the blister on my right heel broke, and I have a 1” square of raw skin – just where my heel flexes.


It’s getting lots of TLC – today I have a ridiculously over the top tubigrip bandage doubled over to reduce the aggravation from my shoes. But I don’t think it’ll be healed by Sunday morning.


I’m glum about this, and have had a rotten day because of it.In fact it was a two-trips-to-the-vending-machine sort of day, so I shall have to make nutritional recompense tomorrow,

New toy

I’ve just taken delivery of a shiny new computer – I am now the proud owner of an ASUS Eee PC. Small, white, perfectly formed. Small as in fits-in-my-handbag small. Ordered yesterday, arrived this morning.

Now all I need to do is be able to understand more than I do about Linux; knowledge to date has been the ability to recognise the penguin when I see it.

Also, am pleased to report that nothing new hurts following yesterday’s 8 miles; and the things that did already hurt aren’t noticeably worse. Hurrah.