2011 – it was a year.

Even though my new year is 1 Sept, I have been caught up in the Twitter frenzy of 1 January 2012, and so journalled and now blogged some thoughts about 2011.

You know my overriding feeling about 2011? “Bloody hell, that went quick.” It feels like a couple of months since celebrating my brother’s 40th last January 2nd. And in case I forget to say it later on, two good things about 2011 has been him quitting smoking and not being admitted to hospital. Anyway, this sense of frantically fugiting tempus is not mine alone, I know. But, the highlights of my year are mine alone, and I want to share them here. So here goes. Remind me of this blog post, please, next time I complain how hard I am finding life. The days might be long, but the life overall seems to be busy…


Phil’s birthday, and him enjoying family time. SLA Leadership in DC. I was part of the programme. I made new connections. There was gin, laughter, dancing. I ran in the National Mall and I geeked out in the Air & Space Museum. I ran the Great Bentley half marathon in my PB of 2:04 and a bit. Got PhD feedback from my peers in Lboro and started my interviews off. I figured out how to make decent cake.


Lent and the £1/ day food challenge. Interviews. Putting a panel together for a high profile information conference. And Rome. I went to Rome! I was part of a bilingual conference. I visited the Vatican and the rooms of St Ignatius. I ate pizza outdoors and I walked happily alone through a beautiful city. I had a memorable day with Slunch friends and the next generation. I went on my only date of the year – which was disastrous. I went back to the US, to Philadelphia and the SLA Conference – I received an award, I spoke on the programme, I made new connections and strengthened old ones. I was also very stressed. Caught the train to New York. I ran in Central Park. I geeked out at the Transit Museum. I drank wine on the balcony of the Met and for the second time in my life I watched the American Ballet Theater. I saw the NYPL from the insiders’ point of view.  I made more cake.


I changed jobs. I moved from one tallish building to a far more famous tall building. I ran the London 10k and the Standard Chartered 5k. I went to Greenbelt and had one long tweetup; I was part of the programme. I went to Greenbelt and experienced undeserved grace. I saw Dr Faustus sell his soul. I stayed with old friends in a new house and saw my office through a telescope. I drank beer with new friends and old mates in more than one place. I ran the Great North Run and had a fantastic weekend in Newcastle with my parents. Started learning the new job the hard way after my manager left and I had the choice of sinking or swimming…


Saw a friend get married; went to Library Camp in Birmingham. Had another interesting day at a conference and worked more on the PhD. Handed over my SLA Europe presidential duties. Visited Matlock and made the acquaintance of an old friend’s not-quite-so-new son. Ran some more. Baked some more. Tweeted more. Took part in another couple of conferences. Drank a bit more beer, made a few more bad jokes. Celebrated a birthday, coped with Christmas, calmly stepped into a new year.

Did I help you any in 2011? Did my bad jokes make you smile? Was there a tissue if you were feeling tearful or a beer if you needed to talk? Was that email or that tweet or that letter OK? Was a day made easier, a burdened lightened, a chore eased or a problem halved? Or did I screw up and make you cry, or wonder how I call myself a Christian? Because as much as I have achieved things for myself, if I helped you along the way that makes life all the more worth living and gives me a point and purpose to being here.