Slow cooker, slow runner

Just back from this evening’s running shenanigans. I discovered that the hat I received as a Christmas present is far too efficiently warm (great for long walks, though, so still a brilliant present Mum!) but that the new socks prevent blisters.

We did four laps of the two-mile circuit, taking 1.28 – including a Paula Pitstop back at Mark’s house. (My watch isn’t good enough to have been able to pause the timer). So I reckon that we did fairly steady just-over 10min miles which I am pleased with.

It was great to come back home to a big pot of bolognese sauce that has been cooking in my new slow cooker all day. Granted, the 13hours was a bit longer than normal but it was still very yummy and really showed the difference between instant food and that which has a chance to have a decent amalgamate…

I may have to think a bit differently when I shop for food – from ‘what can I have ready in less than ten minutes?‘ to ‘things that can happily simmer all day‘ but I am looking forward to cooking up some very interesting things to come home to.

I would like …

I would like to be a better runner, a better writer, a keener pray-er. Only one of these things can I accomplish in a blog, but I can record my progress on the others!

Last Sunday I ran 10k with Mark Harris, my church housegroup leader, in a bit less than an hour. I was jolly pleased with that, as the only other time I had run the distance was in the Nike 10k in 2003 and that took me 65 minutes. Am I getting faster as I get older? I’m looking forward to running this evening, aiming for 7 or 8 miles. In potential snow.

We have entered a half marathon at the start of February so I need to get to 10 or 11 miles in the next couple of weeks. What better challenge, though, to get out and running in the midst of January. By the time it’s light in the evenings it’ll feel easy… maybe…

Edit: I’d also like a dose of patience.