Bicycle goes to Cambridge

Bicycle used to live in a place called Colchester. Quite near the railway station – sometimes she could hear the trains talking to each other from the flat. And once or twice she had been on a train herself although it was a bit undignified with all the stairs and the nearly falling over on the train. The flat was nice, sunny and warm – Bicycle did not mind the odd scrape or dint as she was taken up or down the stairs. Bicycle used to go to church, the pub, the park and into town and she loved making herself useful.

Then Bicycle noticed changes in the flat. Furniture was removed, pictures taken down and then one day it was just her, the Rider and a few boxes left. After that, things were very peculiar. Bicycle was taken to church as normal one evening but instead of going home to the flat she was taken to a garage. And left behind! With all the Bicycle lights and stripes and pump and locks. This was all rather unsettling. Bicycle enjoyed the rest but she did start to get a bit lonely in the garage all by herself. After three whole weeks, during which her front tyre had deflated, the Rider came back. And to Bicycle’s surprise, instead of being ridden home and needing to dodge the cars, this time, Bicycle was lifted on top of the car, for an exciting ride! Bicycle was a bit wobbly at first, what with the flat tyre and everything, but eventually she was securely in place and the car drove off. “Wheeeeeeee!” thought Bicycle, as she felt like she was flying down the motorway.

And then a new home. Another shed, but this time instead of being lonely in the garage Bicycle had lots of other bicycles to keep her company. Which helped, because it was clear that the Rider had a new home too, and was very busy sorting out what she was doing here in this new place. Rider came into the shed once or twice during the week to make sure Bicycle was OK, and then today, Bicycle went outside again! On a beautiful, chilly, sunny Sunday morning Bicycle made her acquaintance with new places in a new town – the railway station, the City centre, the Divinity Faculty and then back home to the company of the other bicycles in the place. Bicycle was really excited to see so many of her friends and family out and about and was overjoyed to see traffic lights with lights especially for her. Bicycle was a proper Cambridge resident.

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