End of an era. Got time for a pint? (That’s not a question I’ll stop asking any time soon).

A few people have asked if I’m doing leaving drinks before moving to Cambridge. So I thought I would. One last opportunity to experience the dash across Bishopsgate to Liverpool Street from the Shooting Star? Why not? Even if I’ll not be heading back to Batty Towers, but an as-yet-unconfirmed destination. And as I’ll be in London in any case being trained on using social media I figured 25th was as good a day as any.

So, if you’re around, and you have time for a pint on Thursday 25 September, do please come along. I have reserved a bit of space (it being a Thursday night & everything) so a rough idea of whether I have hugely under- or over- estimated the number of people who are going to be glad to see the back of me, sorry, would like to mark the occasion would be helpful (use the comments to RSVP). The Shooting Star serves quite yummy food (pie).

If I’ll have seen you at Greenbelt or in Colchester or you’re helping me move or I am using your spare room then I really won’t be in the least bit offended if I don’t also see you in London – seriously, don’t travel On Purpose. Does that sound odd? I hope not – I would not want anyone to feel obligated (and my inner critic is already suggesting that I’m out of order expecting people would want to come anyway…which isn’t a cue for you to all tell me nice things, just trying to explain!)

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