Where’s the running gone?

This blog purports to be about ‘God, life, and with a bit of running thrown in.’ There’s been hardly a whisper of anything remotely running-related since February. In fact, I’ve not posted much other than book reviews for a while. So here’s an update.

I am still running, just about. A change of job last autumn threw my established routine of early morning runs into confusion, and I’ve not really managed to get back to a stable routine yet. I have been enjoying Colchester’s ParkRun, although I’d enjoy it a lot more if the park wasn’t inconveniently built on a hill. Great Bentley’s awfulness knocked my confidence a lot, though, and it’s taken a while to get back to feeling like I want to run. I have been learning how to bicycle around the place, though; so I have been getting a smidgen extra exercise. I have also learned exactly how crazy cycle path designers are. I mean, I knew it in the abstract, but it wasn’t until a ‘safe’ route involved me crossing the dual carriageway that is one roundabout away from the A12 that I understood this to be a true fact.

I’ve been learning what a family member recuperating from surgery looks like. The warmup was seeing Dad in hospital last year; the main act was Mum’s surgery in March, and a horrible ten days waiting for her to recover enough to leave hospital… only to then succumb to an infection that left her weak, miserable and struggling to eat. Fortunately that was dealt with, and six weeks on she’s doing fine. We have all been scared, though, and been eyeing up emotions that we would rather not have to face just yet, anyway. I may one day write a treatise on the Point and Purpose of Hospital Tea as a Distraction. Surely, no visitor willingly drinks hospital tea? It serves only as a way of doing something that isn’t focusing on the actual being in hospital part.

So, my head’s been rather full lately, which probably partly explains the lack of running, the lack of hilarious hit blog posts and a general tendency to live over on Twitter (@drbattytowers).

This week I managed four runs – and I even enjoyed the last two. I saw these wonderful bluebells today… So with a bit of luck, this blog may well stop being mainly about book reviews, and start to have some running ideas again. I hope.


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