The next 6 months

I think I will post one more piece today about the things I am thinking about for the next few months, and then in a few days’ time start working backwards to the beginning of the story.

I found out relatively recently that I have been recommended for training. That was a fairly anxious, and momentous day. For me, training will be residential and I already knew which Theological College I have been accepted at. No, I’m not going to tell you where.

This means effectively moving into TC for the duration. I rent my current home, so I will have no other base. And here’s where the fun starts. This week, I have been working backwards from the start of term date to work out when I can move out, which determines when I can stop work, for I need to work out how much I can save, to have money to live on… knowing I might only have five or six more earning months rather does focus the mind.

I’m only on a month’s notice at work, and I cannot risk going public earlier in case it leads to an early dismissal. No, I don’t have any kind of employment rights, haven’t been there long enough. It’s the only time I have really wished for a 3 month notice period though!

Also, all plans have to work around Greenbelt, which is an absolute fixed point in my autumn.

Anyway, it looks like if I become quite frugal* (as opposed to very frugal, which is what student life will be again) I can save enough to be able to not work for a fortnight and still have money over to fund visits to friends, moving, the necessary gin, train fares, new pencil case, new laptop, put things in short-term storage, etc and even possibly an actual holiday for a few days which is not something I’ve had for quite a few years.

So, we’ll see how things go.

*Yes, this is relative. I know that if I did lose my job I’d be on £71/ week. So my frugal of £100/week is still a pretty privileged frugal.

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