Extremely windy Great Bentley Half

I haven’t blogged about running for a while. I only have a tale of woe here! That was my fifth Great Bentley half, and the hardest by a long shot. 2.21.30 is chip time – the Runkeeper is more or less the same, but I had it running a little bit before we started because it was so cold. And windy. I’ve not mentioned the wind yet. It was windy. The sort of in-your-face-make-it-feel like you’re hardly moving kind of wind. The course loops around, so some parts were pleasant – out of the wind, with the sun out, it might almost have been nice. There were snowdrops, and daffodils starting to show themselves, should you have been interested. But, oh my, when you turned a corner and hit the wind head on it was dreadful. Sapping not only energy, but the will to live. I think my split times show pretty much that this happened somewhere around 7 miles. Not sure why. Mentally, I didn’t feel like the Inner Sergeant Major had deserted me, as happened during the Royal Parks in 2012. Maybe I am more tired than I have noticed. Maybe it’s the first time in ages I’ve run a long race on my own, and I had forgotten how that feels like. None of my tricks to myself seemed to make the slightest bit of difference: hit the wind, legs stopped wanting to run. The final 0.1 mile on grass was awful! It might be more fun when you’re finishing in a crowd but by 731st you’re on your own.

Splits (watch times, not Runkeeper)

1       9.53
2       9.53
3       10.06
4       10.11
5       9.49
6       9.42
7       10.43
8       10.51
9       11.12
10      12.07
11      12.43
12      11.10
13      11.51

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