2013: A quiet year

After the excitement of submitting my PhD in 2012, 2013 was going to be a ‘quiet year.’ Things didn’t quite turn out like that, though… if this was quiet I wonder what busy is… Although I don’t really do new year on 31 December I found myself reflecting back to last Christmas and all that has happened since – it feels worth recording some of the highlights here.

There are three clear contenders for Top Moment of the Year: passing the PhD viva in January, visiting the Holy Land in June, and celebrating my birthday in July. Then there’s Greenbelt, the visits to friends, the marathon spectating, radio appearance, day in Birmingham and a host of other fun things.

Not every good thing was such a major event, though. Looking back I find I have turned acquaintances into friends; become closer to others and restored a friendship I thought had died.

I’ve taken on more responsibilities at church – am now a housegroup leader as well as a server and the website wrangler. I’ve changed jobs – swapping tall City buildings and law firms for a small office and a software vendor – and I’m loving it. I’ve run, drunk beer, laughed, argued, had cake, cried, run some more. I’ve seen a parent in hospital and expect the other to be in soon in 2014. I’ve met a whole host of new people; heard interesting stories; told good jokes and told some appalling jokes.

Thank you to everyone who has laughed at a joke; read a blog post; chatted on Twitter, in the pub or park or church or racecourse; helped me with the difficult questions or helped me with the easy questions…

So as we look forward into 2014 – I know things won’t stay the same. I pray for cope-a-bility with the changes that the passing of time will bring.

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