Quick post about Greenbelt when I ought to be getting ready for work

6:30am on Tuesday 27 August and I’m back in the real world, checking train times and packing my handbag ready for a day at work. 6:30am on Monday 26 August, I was making tea and looking forward to my last day at Greenbelt 2013.

I’ve had another amazing – splendid – marvellous – inspiring – busy – weekend at the festival..

What did I do? Beer and Hymns in the Big Top. Beer without hymns in the Jesus Arms. Blesséd Big Bash where I knew more people celebrating that I did in the congregation. Sunday morning communion – the event that always makes me imagine what it’d be like sitting on a hillside listening to something important going on but not being sure quite what. Morning Prayer with the Franciscans. Cooking bacon sandwiches. Falling asleep watching clouds and birds during a talk on ‘Finding Sanctuary.’ Eating pie and mash. Praying in a tiny near-silent chapel site. Bolting from a service that started with being given playdough. Singing (on purpose). Talking, talking, talking – probably about a month’s worth of conversations in one weekend with new and old friends (no wonder I am tired). Giving my own short talk and listening to others (coming soon to a website near you…)

This year I camped on site with Teresa who had provided a camper van (and trusted me with driving it). I felt a bit like I was introducing her to my best friend – hoping they’d get on and find some common ground. I’d already got her roped in to help with Blesséd mass via Twitter before we left and I think she thought that was fun.

Greenbelt has for many years been a short pause at the end of summer, a chance to take a deep intake of breath before the autumn shows up as my year draws to a close. It was perhaps a busier pause than other years! I missed ‘Soul Space’ – a quiet prayer room – and I didn’t, at any point, feel the need to sit and write reflections on what was going on in my head. I didn’t cry for a couple of days and Greenbelt is normally a place where I do. So at some point I will have to reflect on that difference – because I am intrigued to find an explanation. It’s been an interesting year…


    • I’m intrigued because I’m not sure why. Therefore worried I should be worried. Perhaps it is because it’s been a safety valve in previous years that I have not needed this year. Maybe I’ve spent more time gently breathing so I haven’t needed to take great lungfuls of air. Don’t know. Don’t feel I have un-shed tears or pressure un-relieved…

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