Remember when people were hungry?

Tearfund have released a short animation today which I love (not just because there’s a rather familiar building in the opening scenes).

Set in the year 2050, the Hunger Museum animation takes viewers through an exhibition of how the world ended hunger – from the G8 meeting in June 2013, until 2050.

It’s part of the IF campaign – a coalition of 150 UK charities and churches who have joined forces to urge the government to act now on world hunger. If you’ve not heard of this yet, I’d be surprised… Go look at the website now!

The campaign reminds us that 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry, and yet there is enough food in the world to feed everyone.

Have a look at the video here. Is it inspiring? Frustrating? Pie-in-the-sky? If it’s the first two, perhaps our campaigning and our prayers may make the third option less so – more pie-on-the-plate for our hungry, human neighbours.

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