Sing alleluia, and keep on walking

I’ve been away from work since 20 March. I’ve had the most splendid time, staying right here at home and just getting on with things I wanted to do – having nearly enough time to follow the progress of Holy Week to the excitement that is Easter Sunday.

It’s been busy. I have…

debated social media, religion, authority and tradition with Premier & CODEC
run in the snow
said goodbye to the Alpha course participants and agreed to lead a new housegroup
laughed at a donkey in the snow
talked to the diocese and the C of E about my PhD
live tweeted from the top of the BT Tower to support Tearfund & the DEC’s Syria appeal
had lunch with my lovely friend Phil
drunk beer in the castle & laughed a lot with Teresa
run in the sunshine with Viv
made a plan
been late for Morning Prayer
had lunch in the jam factory with my mum and my aunt
been blessed attending Compline
made cake
made more cake
made some scones
made some cushion covers
had lunch with two students and learned about the pressures of undergraduate life at Oxford
read Enid Blyton with a 6 year old
chatted and laughed, both in church and not, with Susanna
been cross
been happy
been challenged attending Maundy Thursday Eucharist and Watch
been late for Evensong
read a bit
had lunch with my family & their guest
explored what my purpose in life might be
cried a bit
prayed a lot
confused a Methodist
had a foot washed
washed a foot
drunk tea
drunk gin
drunk coffee and been surprised by God
contemplated a large wooden cross
written lots in my journal
written lots on The Twitter
written a letter
written less of the things I was meant to be writing
read a bit more
seen a physio
had custom insoles made to fit my shoes to make me run better
found a new coat in a charity shop
listened to music
listened to radio 4
listened to people
listened to silence
been hugged
cried a lot
hugged back
prayed a bit
rejoiced at the resurrection
judged an easter bonnet competition
not rolled an egg down a hill but been immensely touched one was decorated for me
made a new plan
not tidied up
taught Twitter to Viv

…and at the time of writing I still have time with another friend to look forward to … as well as the mundane, like polishing my shoes and packing my bag for work…

so it’s not over yet…

And when I am back on the train in the morning and it feels like I have never been away I will take a deep breath and remember these this advice to actual pilgrims, for as long as I can before this peacefulness fades…


  1. Ah. Bex. You weren’t in holiday time! It was before I was off that we met, so although that Friday did a nice job of getting me thinking about holidayish things, I had 2 days left at work. I *did* miss ‘afternoon tea with Kate’ from this list though.

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