Project over: World domination next

If you read the Other Blog (soon to be archived) or you’ve been anywhere near me in the past week, you’ll know I’ve more or less finished the PhD. There really is only admin and graduation to go. And yes, I am in the process of doctoring up, which is satisfying. And yes, I am still extremely happy. I explained last Monday night how I felt – like I had climbed nearly all of a mountain, with just the viva as the final push to the summit to go. And right now I am quite happy to hang about at the top of the mountain and enjoy the view, before deciding exactly in which direction I shall head down.

So this post is by way of thanks. I have an official acknowledgements in the thesis (see below). But thanks to everyone else, too. For beer and listening, for definitions of words via Twitter, for listening to my presentations, for sending me interesting things to read, and a hundred other small things. Very few people in Colchester or the law library world know me without the PhD in the background – I might surprise a few people now I have more free time. I have designated 2013 as a year off from professional development activities – I’ve stepped down from the SLA Europe board and have little involvement elsewhere. The idea is to have time to just take in the surroundings rather than be constantly busy, whilst I hone my plans for world dominations. So far, this hasn’t happened and January has been busier than ever…

I would like to thank a number of people for their assistance with this project. My family – parents Val & Robin, brother Phil and Aunt Marg – deserve warmest thanks for their general unwavering encouragement over the last five years. My supervisors Dr Louise Cooke and Dr Anne Goulding have been a friendly and approachable source of guidance and expertise. Thanks are also due to the clergy and webmasters who agreed to be interviewed as part of the project. Support from Phil Moss has been invaluable.
In particular I’d like to thank: Revd Dave Talks for sense-checking and answering questions about being a vicar in the Church of England; Revd Pam Webster for being my expert Methodist minister; Paul Webster for General Encouragement; Revd Teresa Wynne for moral support. Finally also a huge thanks to all friends who acted as cheerleaders and encouragers including Susanna & David, Dave & Charlotte, Sigrun, Mark & Liz, Bex, Tim, Simon and Hazel and the community of friends on Twitter who provided humour, comfort and checked my understanding of the church along the way.

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