Janathon: game over

Quick note to say that the Janathon challenge is over for me this month. Am quite gutted – I do actually like getting out and getting my trainers on before 7am (I know. Weird. One impossible thing before breakfast). And it was lovely getting back into the swing of things after not running much in December.

I’ve gone and done something painful to my right calf muscle. Don’t know what I did exactly; might have been Saturday morning when I slightly missed my footing landing on a kerb, might have been the shin-pain inducing fast walk across London on Thursday or the painful lunchtime run on Friday where I had to keep stopping to try to relieve the shin pain. Or it might be completely unrelated and just sod’s law.

Tried running on Sunday – got about 3/4 mile in, generally warming up nicely and all the other aches easing off when the calf pain kicked in again and brought me up short. Ended up having to walk home and depriving Viv of a 6 mile run round the block.

Much ibuprofen is being taken, a lot of stretching of all of me plus some particularly painful things with a tennis ball (who knew just how much of all my calf muscles were that sore? Ow!) If its not better mid-week I will contemplate attempting to take it to a GP to get a referral to physio (yes, yes I know I can self refer but I am hoping to not have to pay).

In the meantime, I’ll be the one sitting in the corner with a large consoling G&T.


  1. Soundly like it might be the fault of any passer-by who happened to ramble on aimlessly on Thursday, thus causing Pie-wards walk to be fast and shin-pain inducing. That is who I would blame anyhow.

    • Whilst it is generous of you to shoulder the blame, it is quite unnecessary… Perfectly capable of doing myself a mischief.

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