Loser resolutions

Having celebrated Batty Towers New Year in September 2012 I didn’t need to make new years resolutions yesterday, but I’ve ended up with two. Let me explain how.

Last night I was introduced by lovely friends Susanna & David to the extremely silly game of Killer Bunnies, which I promptly lost. I then went on to lose three rounds of the game ‘Chronology,’ followed by being soundly beaten at Perudo. I’ve played and lost Perudo before but the others were new. During the course of this laughter-filled losing streak I realised I really didn’t mind, and it wasn’t causing quite the discomfort to my soul I might have anticipated.

Which leads me to the first new new year’s resolution: to care less. Sometimes I am paralysed into inaction by worry about what others will think. And I know it’s stupid, and that, as was quoted last night ‘those that matter don’t mind, those that mind don’t matter.’ Goodness knows how many times I have said that to my brother over the past few years – but as ever, I am rubbish at taking my own advice. So I resolve to care less about things that are transient or trivial – giving me time and head space to care more about the Things That Actually Matter.

Resolution #2 comes courtesy of Martin Saunders and his #God52 project. Read about that here: this is challenging stuff already and I honestly don’t know how much I can stick with it. But then who cares…?

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