To Janathon or not to Janathon?

Anyone remember June? And Juneathon?

Six months on and it’s time to decide if I am going to commit to a run a day in January. In June, I could run in daylight before work. In January, a lunchtime run is the only time in the week I’ll see daylight. In June, there was the chance of sun and warmth. In January it’ll be cold, or horribly mild.

I’ve hardly run in the last two months. My knees make funny noises. My back makes alarming noises. I’m about as flexible as a scaffolding pole.

So there are plenty of really rather viable reasons why committing to run every day would be a challenge, and giving myself a target mileage again would be idiotic.

But, I’ve hardly run in the last two months so this would be a great way to harness the recently-returned will to run. My knees, back and general flexibility will benefit if I am disciplined enough to stretch properly. And, in February I’ve got the Great Bentley half marathon to tackle again.

So, OK, go on then. I’m in. I’ll jog, run and trudge along with the New Year’s Resolutioners, and I’ll wave invisible pom poms for anyone new I see out on the familiar paths round here. We all need a bit of encouragement and it’s a great time of year to be out and about. Make the most of the winter sunshine. Splash through the puddles. Laugh in the face of snow. Grit our teeth against the gales.

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