Advent Book Club – admission of failure

I can’t live with the guilt any longer. I’m sorry… I have failed. Whilst others have been diligently and brilliantly reading and blogging, I’ve dipped in, dipped out again and somehow completely failed to find the time to write more about the daily readings (which extend over all Christmas).

Pam, Richard and others have produced a brilliant series of reflections on the reflections. I have enjoyed being part of this (and will carry on reading until Pam tells me I can stop). But I have probably written as much as I am going to on this… maybe a review of the whole book in a few weeks’ time.


  1. I didn’t get beyond Advent 2….& SO wanted to do this as a step on the way back to using my blog for its original purpose. Mired in failure, the pair of us. Think I’ll go and eat some chocolate xx

  2. I wouldn’t describe my reflections as brilliant. I have yet to ask anyone to tell me if I have inadvertently committed any heresies…

    I do get something out of knowing there are more people out there reading the book – would be good to see an overall reaction from you to the whole thing. I’m hoping to do a round-up next Sunday – I thought I’d done that on Christmas Eve but then I found Part 2 of the book 😉

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