Witham: Boxing Day 5

Witham Running Club’s Boxing Day 5 was a new race for me. A mix of extremely fit, and folk looking for a Boxing Day activity. And me: with only about ten miles run in the past six weeks, a lingering cough, and somehow running kit that seems to have, er, shrunk in the wash. I’ve not done a 5 mile race before so at least I wasn’t chasing a PB. Less than 55 min would have been a good time.

Ran with Viv and Viv’s brother David, as this is another of Viv’s marathon preparation runs. The first mile is uphill, and given the fastish start, halfway up I was starting to wonder if this was such a good idea after all. Seriously worried I wasn’t going to be able to maintain the 11min/mile pace that was Viv’s target (my normal running-without-thinking-or-trying-too-hard pace when I am well is about 9:50min/mile).

I did find myself edging away a bit from Viv & David after 2 miles, so we agreed I’d run on & David would sprint past me at some point so I could drop back and, I guess, continue our job of being the domestiques. I do like that idea.

Then the nicest thing happened, at about 2.5 miles, I got my running legs back. Since the dreadful Royal Parks day, I’ve really struggled to get out and run – even allowing for not feeling well, it’s been a chore and not fun, and I have shirked it. But I was thinking about the good runs I have had; about whether it was better to DNF or DNS; and deciding DNS is much worse; (Did Not Finish or Did Not Start); and suddenly, hey presto, I realised I was enjoying the run. It was windy, chilly, sunny; but I knew 5 miles was a do-able distance, that I’d want to go back out again.

After he did whizz by, at about 3.5 miles, I slowed down – and ran a bit the wrong way – to find Viv – and we finished the race not exactly together but in sight, although I did feel a bit guilty for staying a bit ahead.

Waiting for official time – watch timing is 52:16. Forgot to stop Runkeeper so that’s showing 53.02.

Split times:
11.27 (lurking about)

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