Advent Book Club, week 2

It was all much easier following along with Pam and the others this week when I was on the same day. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere.

Day 10 – Monday – was all about ‘passionate waiting.’ Obviously I am an expert in this. But I wasn’t sure about the link between the Nouwen quote and the prayer & action. The quote says

We can learn to be obedient people who do not always try to go back to the action but who recognise the fulfilment of our deepest humanity in passion, in waiting

Yet the Advent Action and prayer seemed to both be about being in the world, helping, doing, being obedient in action. I am easily confused, so it wouldn’t surprise me if I missed the point here completely.

Day 11 – find some music and be still (nice idea, not managed it yet)

Day 12 – Walking in the Presence of God. I liked this, mostly because of the prayer. “Keep me rooted in your love and let me flower into a new person transformed by the giving and receiving of your grace.”

At first I thought this was really stupid, really inspid ‘Isn’t Faith Lovely?’ kind of language, really offputting. You know the kind of thing I mean. Then I had another thought.

Even a prickly cactus will flower. It’s essentially still the same prickly cactus, but it is transformed by a (sometimes) delicate and beautiful bloom.

Day 13 just annoyed me, perhaps because it was all about distractions and I was, oddly, distracted. Day 14 was for me just a reflection on Elizabeth and Mary and I felt sadly envious at the picture portrayed of the two women rejoicing together at their imminent motherhood. Probably not the intended outcome…

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