When the Olympic bid was won…

On 6 July 2005 I was in Leeds, looking at conference venues.

I lived in SW2. I was a part-time step-mum to two boys. I worked as a conference manager in the quasi-public sector. I was agnostic on my good days and atheist on my bad days. I ran a bit. I liked drinking real ale.

On 27 July 2012, things are different.

I live in CO1. I am single, and have been for five years. I have a Master’s degree in Information Science, and I am not far off finishing a PhD. I do God, in fact I am alarmingly Anglican. I’m a law librarian, and I work in a tall glass building in the City. I run quite a lot. I still like drinking real ale.

No real point to this post – just reflecting on the changes I have welcomed, and those I haven’t, in the years between celebrating the bid win and getting ready to watch the opening ceremony in a park I’ve seen being built, bit by bit.


  1. Minimal change here! I had been priested 3 days, & was still on a mega high from my first Mass…Was taking Last Rites to someone in hospital & came out to find R4 going mad. Couldn’t actually grasp why it was so important/exciting…I’m not entirely sure I get it even now but hope everyone has a wonderful time.

    • I wonder if these should have been the very British, Marmite Olympics – you either love it, or hate it.

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