Brief thoughts on SLA 2012

Gosh. My first impression was that time really is flying by – was it really over a year since I’d seen these people in Philadelphia? Here are some other thoughts, and reflections, in no particular order and under the influence of jetlag (it’s 7pm BST and the time difference is just kicking in…)

Chicago was my fourth conference and fifth event (I was at Leadership in January 2010). So what really struck me was how many people I knew – some folk I’ve chatted to on Facebook &; Twitter, some I hadn’t seen since last year. How fortunate I am to have a network across sectors and countries. I ran with Tara Murray and others mad enough to get up to meet at 6am (at which point it was already rather warm out).

Legal Division events took up most of my time – from the Board meeting, Leadership Tea on Sunday and BNA/Bloomberg breakfast on Monday to the well-run and friendly open houses. Patent Research 101 was a great way in to something I dread being asked to do – knowledge is power, and all that. Guy Kawasaki’s opening session speech was OK, not hugely inspiring. I think it was a bit Marmite – you either loved it or hated it. Twitter dragged me into a session on career planning I hadn’t intended to go to, in which Bethan was speaking, and came out with some interesting and thought-provoking nuggets on how I see myself and my work. John DiGilio and Gayle Lynn-Nelson’s 60 Sites in 60 minutes was another great round up (I don’t see a link yet to the list). On Tuesday I hopped in and out of a few sessions including the leadership orientation and Social Sciences’ posters. Wednesday was all about the closing session for me… and the jetlag has just really made itself felt, so I think it is time to stop writing before I start mangling words and sentences.

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