A 7th and Genius-level Tip for Worry

This was sent in my direction this morning. I realise now that the tips from last week or the post from last year show me as nothing more than a rank amateur at this worrying malarkey. I present to you, the 7th tip.

7. Use Time Wisely

Make use of all the available time during the night. This is a good time to lie awake and review the events of the previous day and to consider how you should have done things, what you should have said, and so on. You can also worry about what needs doing tomorrow, which will nicely lead on to more material as you consider your overwhelming responsibilities and workload. Try to check the time frequently, so that you can worry about how little sleep you are getting and how tired you will be in the morning.

One comment

  1. Lol, after spending most of last night not sleeping after a cup of espresso, this just made me laugh, cos yes, that’s what kept me awake as well…

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