The “Great” Twitter Challenge

Two days with no tweeting. How hard, exactly, can that be? What a weak-willed individual am I if I think that is a ‘great challenge?’

To a certain extent – you’re right. Rubbish willpower. In my defence, I’m going to be at home alone for most of the next 4 days trying to produce a findings chapter making sense of my interviews. (This post should probably also be over on the PhD blog). I will see other people on Thursday and Saturday evenings, but for the most part I’ll be In. On My Own. Me, Myself & I. Twitter is my window on the world. On a solo Sunday I might not say anything out loud all day, but I’ll have had several conversations. However, it’s also a huge distraction.

So the deal is… I give up Twitter for 48hrs. Several people have pledged to donate to charity if I succeed. I think I got nearly ten. I give the equivalent money if I fail. I’m hedging myself in by asking a friend (@watfordgap) to change my Twitter password – let’s face it, I know myself well enough to know how easily I am tempted. (“Just one little look…”)

Let’s see how it goes, eh? Not making any promises regarding Facebook, mind you, so will post my Words-per-brew progress there. I’m slightly panicky about the thought of what I have to do in 4 days, but I am looking forward to using my dedicated teapot for the first time.


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