British 10k: the thinking part

I wanted to say out loud, as it were, something I thought this morning during the run. I hope it doesn’t sound too cheesy. I was reflecting on how fortunate I am, that of the crowds of people I was in, they were benign. There may have been pre-race nerves, but there was no fear of violence or anger. We were not fleeing from war, or queuing for food. When I was hot from running, I could just take a bottle of water, drink what I wanted, and throw the rest away. Such a precious resource but one we utterly, completely, take for granted. Christian Aid’s website tells me today that in East Africa, “People are so desperate that it’s not unusual to come across children begging for water on the roadside.” And today I threw water away.

So as well as ‘counting my blessings’ I also became angry, that we are so shallow in our uptake and understanding of international issues, and how we all share the one planet.

Running with many charity t-shirts on display also gives me a sense of the crap that people deal with and get on with, day after day. Next time I complain about my commuter train being late, can you remind me that there are plenty of people out there who would be pleased to be able to start working again? Thanks.

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