Lent reflections (ii) – Spiritual challenges

Hmmm. Not so great here! I read a book, I read another book, I went to Rome, I wrote my journal, I prayed a bit, I went to church a bit and joined the PCC. The first book gave me a lot to think about and the second encouraged my faith in many small ways.

Am I holier? No… but I have a better idea of what that might look like.

Am I more spiritually enlightened? No…. but I have begun to re-establish habits of discipline.

Having a clear head, (no hangovers, no regrets) has perhaps given me a little more space to think. But I’d be fibbing if I didn’t admit that the practical challenge were easier – getting up early and going for a run is still preferable to getting up early and praying. How do you stop yourself nodding off at the table?

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