Dedham 10k

On Sunday 26 September I did my second Dedham 10k. I had a ton of fun on this race… it was hilly, it was raining – just how I like it! Seriously – I’ve really come to love running in the rain, it holds no horrors for me so I was comfortable in the showers. And I’ve run up several short, and long hills… just for the fun of it.

I wasn’t expecting to have a good run, or to beat my target time of 58 minutes. I’m waiting for the official results but I think I finished in 57:22 or thereabouts. On the drive over, I worried that my cold returning, my inner sargeant major was absent and I felt tired and grumpy. However, great support and encouragement from my family helped a lot (a surprise wave from my Dad just before 5k) and I decided just to ‘run as best I could.’

Turns out… ‘best I could’ was pretty good and it looks like I was a good 3 minutes faster than two years ago over the same course (1:00:24).

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