Standard Chartered Great City Race 2010

Last week (15 July) I was part of Reed Smith’s team taking part in the Standard Chartered Great City 5K. There are about 6,500 competitors in the event which takes in some of the best sights of the City of London – St Pauls, Bank of England… London Wall (OK it’s just fun to run along this bit in the road for a change).

My time in 2009 was 30:50 and I was somewhat disappointed to miss my target of sub-30min. This year, with another 12 months’ experience and a few more miles run, I was determined I would finish in under half an hour. In the end, I was thrilled to complete in 27:12; a full 3.5 minutes faster. And with hindsight, it wasn’t a 100% effort (I’m still learning how to pace myself) and I was held up by crowds at several points. So I think my realistic next target is under 26:30.

I was also pleased to have beaten a man dressed as a banana, and, I think, in a last 50metre sprint, overtaken or at least drawn with a chap dressed as a baby…

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