Quick stats

A few weeks ago I calculated some statistics on the last few months’ running. I make brief notes in my journal about the runs I do from home. At work I have a chart that lists the times I’ve taken to do a fast mile run. These miles are not included in these stats.

Since November I have recorded that I ran for 2508 minutes, with a mean of 48 minutes and not quite two runs a week; don’t forget that includes snow weeks and a week off with a streaming cold. The modal run is 30 min. That’s 250 miles or thereabouts. I am pretty pleased with that – I now think very little of a 6 mile run, and have been known to add a couple of miles onto a Sunday morning run to make it properly worth going out for. Yet in November 2007 I struggled with a 2 mile run round the block.

So I am pretty pleased with this progress, and it is this base level of generally being quite fit that helped with the humidity in New Orleans.

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  1. Amazing to read about your progress between the two Great Bentley runs ! Inspires me to keep on keeping on … altho my longest distance so far is still only 8k, I love it and can also feeling myself getting fitter (slowly hahaha). Well done Sara.

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