Ideal reading list…

I’ve just re-read another Christian book. (The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness) The actual advice was useful.  This book is a mild case by comparison, but there are so many books that take material success as their starting point. The sort that say ‘As I added up my investments and realised my net worth meant I could live in comfort for the rest of my life I felt God calling me to give up my secure job and step out in faith.’

The point is that I was reminded about the list of book titles we’d like to see, as created by me and my ex home group leader Mark. These perhaps reflect a more realistic view of life as a confused Christian – clinging on to faith with our fingertips whilst trying not to lose a sense of humour.

Adam and Eve, and other failed believers
Believe, conceive, achieve and other trite exhortations: The cynics’ concise guide
Build your own confessional box
Christian headgear:  field guide to the modern mitre
Christianity : Tough, Confusing and Occasionally Incomprehensible
Design Your own deity
Evangelism for Agoraphobics
Evangelism: Is it really better to give than receive?
Fish! How to spot a Christians car
Full length on the pavement, a fallen outlook
Grow your own Curate
Happy Clappy…How to cope when others exhibit too much joy
How to cope when you trip on your own bootlaces
How to avoid “giving the peace”
I – spy: How to stare politely when odd behaviour is encountered in Church
Inappropriate humour without guilt
Jaded or just plain tired? A Christian perspective
Joy and hand waving for cynics
Keep on keeping on: A study in perseverance
Keeping awake in the sermon
Killing: A Christian history from Richard the Lion heart to George W Bush
Lazarus did it and you can too!
Looking through a glass darkly – illuminated
Make your own stained glass window
Mountain Climbing for the Confused
Never rains but it pours: A celebration of the precipitation of life
Nobody’s perfect: Bearable self assessment
No reply? When God’s ears need syringing
Opening beer cans in church: How to do it silently
Overboard? What to do in life’s storms
Platitudes and how to avoid them
Praying from the recovery Position
Quarks and other odd things God made for some reason
Ranting and its place in the modern church
Real Ale – Why Christians should all drink it
Secular friends? Conversion made easy!
Surviving the climb, avoiding the fall
Shouting in Church: How to do it without upsetting clergy
Tea and coffee pot trauma: A guide to serving hot beverages correctly in the modern church
Upwards and onwards for the jaded climber
Victory books and how to avoid them
“Why me, God?” and other pointless questions
Wrestling with contradictions for beginners
X-ray Christianity – it’s what’s inside that matters!
Yawning in church – what to do when you’re caught
Yokes and other light farming implements
Zerubbabel: Who was he anyway?
Zimmer frames for God! The elderly and the Church

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