Grim weather

The weather forecast promised wet and windy weather today and they were spot on. This morning I stayed in bed, watching the rain drip from the balcony, the pansies being blown about and the leaves falling from the trees. 1 November; two months left of 2009 and I am left wondering where the time has gone. What have I achieved this year?What plans have I laid and failed to follow… and which have been the profitable side alleys I’ve been down?

I don’t mind the changing of the seasons; I like living in a country with definite seasonal periods. It’s an Ecclesiastes 3 kind of day – the way the falling leaves remind me of the ‘time for everything’ – spiritual as well as practical. Today I feel a bit out of sorts, a bit down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself. But tomorrow will be different. And I take heart from that, and thank God for the blessings I do have – even if that is a struggle some days.

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