Previous lives

I have had a couple of previous lives. Once upon a time I was a university administrator, telling potential undergraduates all about the exciting world of the University of Nottingham with a lot of help from a curiously named organisation (HELOA). (Not as bad as BIALL, though, I suppose). Then I turned into a conference organiser for the CSP.  At the weekend of 27 September I was priviledged to be invited to a wedding of two past CSP colleagues, on a gorgeous day in Ware, Herts. I’ve kept in touch with the bride since I left the CSP, but I hadn’t seen any of the others for a few years.

Although it was lovely to catch up with people,  I did find it rather odd. These women knew me when I was married, and when I was going through the divorce, and trying to find my feet again in the time afterwards. They did not know the version of Sara that I am now, however I define myself – beer drinking, commuting, running, God fearing, librarianing. Essentially, I am the same person – I look the same, sound the same, have the same basic faults and habits, but I have a very different world view these days. I sometimes think I haven’t moved on very much, but it’s times like this, when a light is shone on the history of me, that I realise quite how far I have come, by the grace of God.

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