Further updates

Just re-read my post from June. There’s been a few more changes since then. I’ve just given my second talk at Alpha at St Margaret’s Lothbury, this was still daunting but fun. Our breakfast meetings had a bit of a hiatus in December as my circumstances meant I couldn’t really effectively get my act together, but we’ve got momentum back and are now meeting regularly.

I never did find my place at St John’s in Colchester. So I have, since Christmas, been attending St Leonard’s – a very different place, in terms of buildings as well as service style. But I have found a traditional liturgy to be helpfully reflective and prayerful.

I’m making it big in the blogosphere. Well, sort of. I was interviewed, despite my appalling lack of recent posts, for ‘Twenty Questions to a Fellow Blogger‘ which puts me in some interesting company. Interestingly it’s also changed the profile I get when I search for myself at the Carrot Clustering page.

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