Catch-up post…

It’s a long time since I posted to this blog, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy since June.

The St Margaret’s women’s fellowship seems to be getting along well. We trialled mixed-time sessions, but in the end concluded that, just like the men, mornings were mostly easiest for everyone. I have to say that I absolutely detest getting up for the 6:45 train on a Monday, but I am coping so far. At the moment the group is a mix between a prayer group and a book club; we’re working our way through Lost Women of the Bible which has sparked off interesting discussions.

I’m also involved in St Margaret’s Alpha course – starting on 29 September. In fact I’m speaking on one of the sessions as well as being part of the steering group. This is a really interesting contrast to my ‘home’ church of St John’s in Colchester – I am far more involved in a church that meets briefly once a week, and contributions are welcomed. I still don’t think I’ve found a place at SJC. I’ve done odd bits and pieces, but not anything that’s given me responsibility.

I’ve run a bit, last run was a slow 10k at the end of a long Friday evening. Got two races coming up, Dedham on 21st September and Wix on 19 October.

I’ve had my fair share of beer at the Bricklayers and at the GBBF. I helped the Jesus Arms run out of Confession, Redemption and Absolution at Greenbelt this year. Greenbelt was a great time, thanks to a varied supporting cast. There was Andrew, who gave me a lift and invited me to camp with his friends. There were Si and Paul, and other Nottingham teccies, who fed me and talked me through the current TEC rig. There was the lovely Liz, who let me howl on her in the quiet space.

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