Feeling blessed by friends

Sometimes I get a bit down in the dumps because I am single, an odd number in a world of evens pairs.  More often I just get a bit ranty about how biased society is towards families, with assumptions about singleness and relationships being all the more highlighted within our churches. (see posts passim!)

In the last few weeks, however, I’ve been so fortunate in spending quality time with friends, where all the things that make me ranty have been pushed to the sidelines. There was a girls’ weekend in north London, where we talked for England over a Saturday evening. Yesterday I met a whole new set of people at the Librarians’ Christian Fellowship annual conference, and that was a very interesting day. It was rounded off with drinks and a trip to Ed’s Diner in Soho with one of my best friends and a couple of other boys. More than once I laughed so hard it hurt. (And I explained a bit more about my faith along the way, it wasn’t all fun fun fun, there was serious evangelism in there too. Well, OK, maybe not serious).

In between times I’ve had some rotten times, there’s been financial worry and stresses at work too. But this evening I just felt so grateful for the people around me that are good friends, the sort you could call at 2am with a problem, that I wanted to record it. So I have …

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