Another impatience?

Just reviewed the categories I have assigned to posts, all are classed as ‘impatience.’

Here’s another one to add to the collection. Pity. I have just spent a great weekend with an old friend and a new child, which has been testimony to the work God has been doing in my life. I had a long train journey which I spent in reading the Bible, and writing my journal, praising God for the sense that his hand was in the weekend. I came home joyfully and went to church to continue worshipping.

Big mistake.

I should have stayed home and carried on with the journal.

Why is it that preachers always assume their congregation is a homogeneous lump of indifference? why must we weekly be told we need to step outside our comfort zone? Does anyone ever stop to think that some of us may not have been in a comfort zone for months?

I am missing good teaching. The last two weeks I have listened to sermons that are little more than anecdotes strung together precariously by a text. I want someone who will take the passage I have just heard read, and take me through it, line by line, word by word, until I really understand it, what it means, how it fits into the big picture. What I don’t want is a 45-minute marathon of ego-on-a-stick stories. Aware how many times I’ve said ‘I’ in this piece alone, it feels hypocritical to criticise its use but I was counting… Humility does not shine through when ‘I’ and ‘me’ and ‘my’ are used in favour of any more inclusive pronouns. And testimony is cheapened when you don’t bother to introduce yourself to your congregation at the start of your talk.

I would be more charitable if I wasn’t so tired. Or if this preacher hadn’t failed to deliver on a promise to email me some information, or had not once stopped a worship session because people weren’t ‘worshipping properly.’

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