Put up or shut up

A few weeks ago I was issued an ultimatum. Put up or shut up, was the basic tenet. (The issuer of the ultimatum may not have couched it in quite those brutal terms, I’m paraphrasing).


To one (me) who had been struggling to understand why anyone would surrender to this God-of-other-people, living in fear not of massive upheaval and challenge but of continued ordinariness, the idea was simple. If really trying to walk closely with God would come to nothing, if the Christian faith is the con it feels like, if God’s promises are not universal – then isn’t it better to find these things out sooner, rather than later? One can prevaricate, look for intellectual answers, or examine other people’s experiences but it is only when one takes action oneself – makes a commitment; surrenders to God’s will – that one will know for sure if it’s all an illusion.

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