Friday reflections part 1 – running

Last night was the final 10 miles before next week’s race. I didn’t time it or take any heart rate readings; I just wanted to run the distance however I felt like it.

It went well, despite straying onto conversation topics that rile one or both of us. Running and ranting tends to have the effect of speeding me up, that’s how come I could do a 10k in record time a few weeks ago. Mark even changed the subject at one point onto something controversial just to speed us down Ipswich Road on the power of the rant.

On average we seem to have stuck to 10min miles. It’s slow, but a good companiable pace I now know I can maintain over a fair distance. I don’t suppose Paula Radcliffe gets much conversation in on her training runs, but then I’m not doing this for a living. I am content to know I could retrieve a piece of case law from a legal database faster than she could, and that’s what I get paid for.

It’s only 8 weeks since my first faltering two mile circuit, when I had to walk part of the way. However, that was along the horrrendously dull part of Ipswich Road so in retrospect I am not surprised. What I am surprised at is how I’ve been able to increase the distance without suffering any of the aches and pains I have developed in the past, and even how some niggling pains have gone right away from running and strengthening different muscles. It’s the benefit of keeping it slow, I suppose.

What’s also great is that my perceptions of distance have changed. Last summer I struggled on a 2-mile there-and-back run from my flat whenever I tried it. Last night the first two miles felt like a warm-up. Now I am confident that I can jog up the hill to the park, run for a strong 20-30 minutes and jog home. And that’s great for a trivial reason too. I love the park, but when I’m walking there by myself I always feel somehow that I ought to have a dog with me…


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