London run

I went for a 2-mile run at lunchtime, partly to just get me out and moving and partly to figure out how this will all work from my new office, especially whilst the gym is stuffed full of January joiners. I ran from Houndsditch down to London Bridge, across the river, along the South Bank, back over Tower Bridge and up to Aldgate. It was cold and windy (not much effort needed over Tower Bridge with that amount of weather behind me!) but I managed to avoid the rain. Could have done with gloves/ hat, but otherwise was OK. Had a good stretch on the back stairs of the building, too.

It wasn’t the longest, or fastest, or most challenging run I will ever do, but it was fantastic to run past some of London’s best landmarks. It beats the 2-mile lap around St Johns estate in Colchester into a cocked hat. I hope one day I will run over Tower Bridge as part of the marathon crowd.

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